Do you know how the telescope that you use to see the stars in the sky was made? Do you know how the video projectors that you use to create presentations were made? For this you need to have an idea about the process of Diamond Turning. It has recently grown to a large extent and is one of the latest technologies. It is a process which includes multiple stages carried out by Computer Numerical Control lathes of high accuracy and a diamond tipped lathe tool. So, the importance of Diamond turning is understood now.

The Process Of  Diamond Turning

The aim of the process is to obtain sub-nanometer surface finishes. It also sometimes called Single point diamond turning. It also serves the processes of milling, grinding and honing. The surfaces that are diamond turned have a very bright appearance which does not require any further polishing of the surfaces. It is commonly used for making infrared optics. This is because optical performance is not much sensitive to the surface finish quality at longer wavelengths. This is a machine based process but it also requires good amount of manual labour.

The diamonds used in the process have quite a good strength in the vertical downward direction but on the other hand it is very weak in the sides and the upward directions. Controlling the temperature is very important as it affects the surface quite enough. Liquid coolant is added to the main spindle to keep it cool in order to prevent any change in temperature.

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The Diamond Turning Methods

There were various methods of this process which consist of off-axis turning, free form machining, off-axis turning, fly-cutting and traditional turning.

Traditional turning includes accurate spindle and slides. A sharp diamond with an accurate nose radius is required to turn and face the part. It is easy like producing the parabola of a reflecting telescope. It is actually a turbo charged version. Off-axis turning is the process where a work piece is placed in an asymmetric fashion. This makes it possible to cut different parts at the same time. Fly cutting and milling results in flat or elliptical surfaces. You can create free form by adding more motions to the machine.

So, these were the different methods of Diamond turning. Surface finishes of approximately 3 to 4 nanometers are also seen as the cutting tool is diamond. There are several polymers that can be diamond turned directly like Styrene, Polyetherimide and other polymers. These also help in the production of light weight lenses. Diamond turned plastic optics are very accurate. There are companies providing quality service with minimized tool costing, high accuracy and speedy delivery.

After reading this article, you will know about the different methods of diamond turning. You will have a fair idea about diamond turning and the methods associated with it. There are various websites from where you can get information about the Diamond turning departments which can even help you. Optical engineering is something that you can also do. Now it is totally up to you.

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Diamond is one of the most precious substances on earth. They say diamond is a woman’s best friend as diamond jewelry is lusted for my most women. Along with being one of the most expensive material, it is also the hardest material. Since it is so hard, it can be used for a lot many things. One of the most beneficial thing about diamonds is that they can be used to cut things. Diamond turning for optics is one of the most useful things about diamonds in the modern world.

What Is Diamond Turning?

Diamond is the hardest substance in the world. The best test for a real diamond is to use it to cut glass. This exact phenomenon was used to turn diamond into one of the most useful materials as well. Diamond turning is the process of cutting glass objects with the help of angled diamonds. There are machines that incorporate different types of angles diamonds that are used to cut substances that are made from different metals or glass. Diamond turning is used in many industries including the medical equipment industry.


How Can Diamond Turning Help In The Medical Instrument Industry?

When a manufacturer is creating medical equipment, the most important thing they require is precision. When they are cutting the metals or the glass pieces they need to be sure that they fit in perfectly. Even a little difference in millimeter can cause the whole machine to go wrong. So it is very important to keep the precision correct. The best way to do so is to use something that will make a neat and clear cut. Thus a diamond is something that will ensure that the cut is clean and precise. This is how diamond turning is of vital importance to the medical instrument industry.

Diamond Turing In Optics

Since diamond can cut glass easily and make a precise cute, it is often used in the optical industry as well. When you require to buy glasses you will have to pay a lot of attention to the glass that is being used. Many renowned companies use diamond turning techniques to make the glasses as it helps to make a very good pair of glasses. Diamond turning process can make the power in the glass precise and exactly as it is required. So if you are going to buy a pair of glasses or even sunglasses for yourself then you can always ask for one that was made through diamond turning technique.

Diamond turning technique is one of the best ways to make sure that whatever you are cutting is having a precise and clean cut. This ensures that you there is no defect in the products. When things like medical equipment’s are being manufactured there is no room for error. So using this technique will ensure that all the different mechanics are set absolutely right and will give the most accurate reading. So there are many other benefits of diamonds apart from just its ornamental value.

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